from luminesce to Inesce: embracing the light within

Just as the gemstones we feature glow with inner luminosity, our brand embodies the idea of emitting light, not just through our jewellery but also through the positive energy and transformative spirit it brings to those who wear it.

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photograph of Tracey the founder and designer of Inesce Moonstone Jewellery

intended for your life journey

Hello! I'm Tracey, a teacher & creative living in Adelaide with my partner, four chickens, and the joys of my life - my children.

I am dedicated to designing bespoke pieces that radiate your authentic essence, illuminating your unique path and honouring the journey you are on in this life.



small batch handmade pieces designed in Adelaide

Every piece of our jewellery is thoughtfully designed by hand on Adelaide's coast by Tracey.

From intricate gemstone cuts to the delicate silver settings, each aspect is curated with intention while remaining mindful of unique spiritual gemstone connections.

three midi baguette moonstone silver rings on linen flashing blue colours

that ethereal blue glow

The mystical Moonstone evokes visions of a gentle iridescent lunar glow. Worn for centuries, this gem holds both healing properties and symbolic significance, weaving a tapestry of dreams and feminine well-being.



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empowering transformation

With every order you make, Inesce extends its hand to the Australian Refugee Association, pledging a $1 donation. Together, we support those who embark on brave journeys, seeking hope and a promising future.