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Moonstone Types, Colours, Finishes & Inclusions

This natural stone will be sure to surprise you with its array of types and colours. However, we ought to start with the most important truth... that is Rainbow Moonstones (our featured gemstone of choice) are not actually Moonstones... rather they are from the Laborodite family. Moonstones and Rainbow Moonstones do share similarities, and hence they are commonly grouped into one. 


Moonstones can be found in a variety of iridescent colours including white, pink, peach, green, and blue. The most prized moonstones are those with a blue sheen, known as 'Rainbow Moonstones'.

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While each evidently have a unique beauty of their own, we trust our stone selection process to design pieces with the most sparkle & colour while considering affordability. Our jewellery features the stunning colourful flashing Rainbow Moonstone, faceted, of course - to display the best possible sparkle to light up your everyday!


All Rainbow Moonstones display adularescence, is a gemstone property that produces a milky, iridescent shimmer across the surface of the stone. Adularescence is caused by light reflecting within thin layers of aligned inclusions within the stone. 


adularescence meaning moonstone gemstone 

Adularescence is a relatively rare gemstone property, however it can also be found in a variety of other stones, including Labradorite, Apatite, Sunstone, and Opal. Interestingly, the intensity of the adularescence can vary greatly from stone to stone. In general, the more transparent the stone, the more pronounced the effect will be. 


Rainbow Moonstones are typically cut into round domed gems, called cabochons. Prior to launching Inesce in 2022, I realised a limited number of jewellery retailers were featuring faceted stones, therefore in order to offer clients the most unique collection, we offer purely faceted pieces. 

Take a peek at our reels on Instagram and you will soon see that as light reflects off multiple surfaces it truly gives each piece heightened brilliance, increased colour and sparkle! 

rainbow moonstone cuts round baguette cushion square

Each stone is hand-cut and polished to offer a combination of minimal, classical and modern pieces to suit your unique style.


Rainbow Moonstones can be quite transparent and may also have a milky-moonlike opaque sheer appearance. Characteristic inclusions are almost always present, and include tiny inner cracks caused by collections of natural deposits and trapped water. Slight inclusions signify that your gemstone is a 100% genuine and natural stone.


Moonstone is found in a variety of locations around the world, including the United States, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and India. Inesce Jewellery chooses to feature stunning Rainbow Moonstones sourced from India and Sri Lanka.

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