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Moonstone Wedding Jewellery Guide

At Inesce, our designs are intended to be meaningful reminders of momentous occasions and celebrations in one's life. The Rainbow Moonstone is a perfectly fitting gemstone for brides and bridesmaids, for all the right reasons.


For centuries throughout the world, the moonstone is known as the gemstone to symbolise 'New Beginnings'. Could there be a more fitting gemstone to feature in your wedding jewellery?


bridal bridesmaid silver moonstone jewellery set

Beautifully hand crafted, our collection of silver Rainbow Moonstone jewellery will have you or your bridesmaids looking and feeling unique and elegant on the big day. The soft subtle blues and purples of our Rainbow Moonstones are a timeless symbolic choice for brides and bridesmaids alike, which will surely complement classic whites and neutrals for the bride or a variety of trending bridesmaid colour palettes.


Whether you're looking for bridesmaid necklace sets or individual pieces, there's no shortage of gorgeous options to choose from in our collection. You're sure to find something unique which suits each of your bridesmaid's individual tastes - from classic solitaire pendants to modern square earring studs, there's something for everyone.

bride bridesmaid wearing crystal gemstone jewellery


When it comes to choosing the right bridesmaid jewellery, it's important to keep in mind the overall theme and style of your wedding. For a more formal affair, opt for pieces that are classic and elegant such as our solitaire pieces. If you're planning a laid-back celebration, then fun and modern angular pieces are the way to go. No matter what your wedding style, there's sure to be jewellery that's perfect for you and your girls.


bridal jewellery moonstone sets classic and modern


Knowing each of your sparkling moonstone jewellery pieces have been nurtured from the design stage in Adelaide, Australia, through to the hand-made process by expert artisans (not to mention lovingly polished & gorgeously packaged) is something to cherish as a beautiful lifetime memory.

Smiling bride wearing white classic dress and moonstone silver necklace and earrings


You and your bridal party can enjoy their jewellery knowing no factory-made pieces are being worn and that all pieces are hallmarked with the 925 Sterling Silver stamp of authenticity (perfect for sensitive skin).

Whether you are searching for jewellery sets for yourself or your bridesmaids, you'll find something uniquely special and unexpected at Inesce Jewellery.


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  • We offer beautiful Gift-Wrapping & Personalised Message for $3.00. Simply add to your cart and email me ( to ensure Bridesmaid Name, Message & Gift-Wrapped piece/s are correctly allocated.
  • Utmost care will be taken to ensure studs & necklaces match according to their natural colours. 
  • Please do not hesitate to email me at if you have any further requirements or questions.
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