About Inesce

Hello, I'm Tracey, and I am delighted to share with you my journey towards creating a brand that is rooted in spirituality, inspiration and empowerment.

My passion for silver jewellery is not only a mere obsession but an expression of my connection to the natural world and my belief in the power of self-expression.

photograph of Tracey the founder and designer of Inesce Moonstone Jewellery

I was struggling to find balance in my life as a mum, a partner and a teacher. Essentially, my body was filled with overwhelm and I now see I'd become disconnected from my inner self. It was post-darker moments that I allowed myself to pause and listen to my intuition. I soon found myself leaving my career and unhappy relationship.

With the support of loved ones, I took a leap of faith and began the creative process of designing pieces that represented my spiritual beliefs and desire for personal growth.

Through this journey, I rediscovered my creativity and passion for self-expression.

vertical rainbow moonstone pendant necklace on dish with flowers and vase

I am proud to have pivoted to pursue my passion for designing jewellery that empowers and inspires individuals to connect with their true selves.

My vision is to create meaningful pieces featuring a variety of organic gemstones, evoking emotions of self-discovery and transformation.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of this beautiful journey with me.

Tracey 🤍